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What do those who have already been certified think of Pro.Play®?

On this occasion I want to share with you this video in which the participants of the new edition of Pro.Play® reflect on their experiences and learnings. It is always exciting to see how those who attend our certifications come out of them completely transformed and prepared to apply the methodology to the challenges that lie ahead. For me it has been a privilege to accompany this group of professionals during 4 intense days, in the 3 levels of the methodology. I hope you enjoy the video!
Juan Prego
22 November, 2021

Creativity levels: personal and organizational

In times of pressure, the first thing we do is eliminate the imagination. Instead, we try to produce more, faster and reduce errors, a big mistake since this imagination is essential in times of crisis, such as the one we are currently experiencing due to COVID-19. In addition, because the environment is more changeable than ever, the skills that until very recently were essential for teams, have become obsolete, now requiring others more focused on creativity and innovation. Knowing the above, many questions arise: what is a creative person like? How do I get an innovative team? Or, how can I measure creativity? To answer these questions, and after years of reflecting on these issues, I designed a model that would allow me to measure and explain the level of creativity that each individual and each company possesses, aspects that no model has included until now. There are different ways…
Juan Prego
14 October, 2021

Design your strategic plan in an innovative way with Design Thinking.

The strategy of a company is a plan of objectives and directions that allows everyone to know what is important to be pursued and make the appropriate decisions to get closer to where the company wants to go. Companies of all sizes have strategies, even different teams within them have their own strategic plans. And it is that even when it sounds ethereal, the lack of a clear strategy generates problem organizations, sometimes more subtle, sometimes more serious. Without a strategic plan, decisions become more difficult, the prioritization of tasks as well and even the cohesion of the team - which does not have a common vision of in which direction we want to advance - suffers. For years I have heard how the D.A.F.O. it becomes the default tool to help build strategic plans. I have already written a lot about the weaknesses and problems of using SWOT, and…
Juan Prego
30 September, 2021

Virtual Event “Designing the future”

On the 22nd of this month we had the pleasure of collaborating in the virtual event "Designing the future", in which we discussed the different creative tools that we can use to detect opportunities in COVID times. This was organized by the CEEI of Elche and the Diputación de Alicante, whom we thank for having thought of Actitud Creativa's participation. COVID has meant, as we already know, a health and economic crisis. This situation, together with the fact that we are on the verge of the fourth industrial revolution, means that the environment is changing, uncertain and challenging. The traditional way of thinking has therefore become obsolete. We need to innovate, to find opportunities in the constant changes, and to do so, imagination and creativity are essential.   These new skills, essential in this new environment, are a challenge for companies and teams. In the presentation you will be…
Juan Prego
28 September, 2021