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Design your strategic plan in an innovative way with Design Thinking.

The strategy of a company is a plan of objectives and directions that allows everyone to know what is important to be pursued and make the appropriate decisions to get closer to where the company wants to go. Companies of all sizes have strategies, even different teams within them have their own strategic plans. And it is that even when it sounds ethereal, the lack of a clear strategy generates problem organizations, sometimes more subtle, sometimes more serious. Without a strategic plan, decisions become more difficult, the prioritization of tasks as well and even the cohesion of the team - which does not have a common vision of in which direction we want to advance - suffers. For years I have heard how the D.A.F.O. it becomes the default tool to help build strategic plans. I have already written a lot about the weaknesses and problems of using SWOT, and…
Juan Prego
30 September, 2021