Member of the team that revolutionized the internet by launching the first advertisement “Outside the Banner” in 1999. He has dedicated the last few years to deepening the research and development of Creative Thinking in organizations and is the author of the books “Think like a Genius” ( TM) (Editorial Platform), “TeamStorming” and “How to create organizations suitable for geniuses”.

He has led international teams in the three countries where he has resided; Argentina, China and since 2002 in Spain. He has extensive experience in managing teams and international certifications, has been a Certified Trainer in “Six Thinking Hats” by “de Bono Thinking Systems”, is a Certified Consultant in “Corporate Transformation Tools” at Barrett Values ​​Center and represents the programs of ” Creative Problem Solving »in Spain at the hands of the prestigious Creative Education Foundation, an entity founded more than 60 years ago by Alex Osborn -the creator of Brainstorming- and which is dedicated to researching and promoting Creative Thinking throughout the world.

He is the author of several creativity techniques, notably “TeamStormingTM”, to produce hundreds of ideas in a few minutes or the “Mind Experiment” Creative Letters. He is a frequent speaker in various forums and author of the conference “DREAM”, “Creative Intelligence” or “Aikido Management”.

In 2011 he created “The Day of Innovation” that attracts more than 200 executives of Spanish companies and is replicated in public and private spheres for its great success. He is also the founder of Creative-OS, the world’s first Operating System to develop and manage the ability to create and innovate in organizations.

He is an associate professor of Creativity and Innovation in various Masters and MBAs such as the Master in Business Innovation from the University of Deusto, the MBA from the University of Valladolid, or the Masters in Product Design, Communication and Strategic Design from the European Institute of Design, among much others.

He is an internationally renowned speaker and has been invited to participate in events in countries such as South Africa, Italy, China or the United States.

He is the founder of the ON-School, The World’s First Online School of Creative Thinking.

Juan is currently Managing Partner of Actitud Creativa, a leading consultant in the development of Creative Thinking and innovation in organizations, as well as a facilitator, speaker and collaborator of various media in Spain such as ESADE Creápolis, Cadena COPE, Gestiona Radio, Telemadrid or Harvard Business Review.

During his career he has trained more than 20,000 people around the world.

Your specialty from him? Unleash all the creative talent of individuals and organizations to transform them into measurable and extraordinary results.

Da Vinci, CEO: Lessons from Geniuses Applied to Business

Business Review Number 232

History, the distant and the not so distant, is full of teachings bequeathed to us by great “geniuses”, characters ahead of their time who applied their talent to creativity to conceive innovations that still influence many fields of our life today. But what did they do to get ahead of the rest of the mortals, to go ahead? Something in which today many companies invest millions

Albert Einstein was once asked by the New York State Department of Education which issues schools should put the most emphasis on. The scientist’s response, near the end of his life, was surprising: “In teaching history,” he replied. “They have to generate a deep discussion about the personalities that have benefited humanity the most, through the independence of their judgment and their character,” he said.

Can the study of the so-called “geniuses” of humanity help companies achieve extraordinary results? Having the capacity for observation, learning from failures, convincing and persevering until a project becomes a reality or fostering creative teams are, among others, some of the teachings that Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Alva Edison or Alex Osborn left us and that can be applied to the business management today.

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