Play like a Pro

Playing as children is our natural way of expressing ourselves, of stimulating our creativity, of learning and socializing. As we get older we leave less and less room to play imaginatively. We replace free play with competitions where the goal is to win, and for that, others have to lose. In an age of rapid change, key new skills cannot be acquired through traditional means alone, and in a world in dire need of new ways of working, the game is returning to center stage.

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Crocodiles Versus Primates

The book shares real cases of how the creative problem solving process can be applied to stimulate creativity and innovation and solve problems of all kinds, exploring how the human brain is programmed by millions of years of evolution to solve problems. Through the metaphor of the internal "Crocodile": the most primary functions of the brain that seek to preserve survival, attacking everything that represents a risk, including new ideas.

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Think like a genius

This innovative book is accompanied by the "Think like a Genius" Application that readers can download for free to their mobile, and more than 15 practical exercises for personal or professional life available at A book that will help create more creative and innovative people, schools and organizations based on the learnings left to us by the brightest minds the human race has ever seen.

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If Alex Osborn, the brainstorming creator, explained that only 1 in 30 ideas is usually useful, it takes about 300 ideas to come up with 10 useful ideas. But, how to get to generate hundreds of ideas without wasting hours trying? TeamStorming is a technique created by Juan Prego that can generate more than 300 ideas in just 15 minutes. This technique has one feature that makes it special: not only is it powerful enough to produce many results in a short time, it is also designed to help companies make a lot change by changing very little.

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How to Create Organizations Fit for Geniuses

When most organizations, large or small, consider sporadically stopping innovating and consider professionalizing their innovation efforts, the vast majority have no idea where to start. Many organizations are trapped in these dilemmas indefinitely, in a huge paralysis-by-analysis, which further divides the organization and frustrates those involved who joined the project to "innovate" and not to be bogged down in bureaucracy and endless discussions. br /> This guidebook attempts to clear up the equation of "where should we start" and "where should we focus our innovation efforts now".

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Latest post

22 November, 2021

What do those who have already been certified think of Pro.Play®?

On this occasion I want to share with you this video in which the participants of the new edition of Pro.Play® reflect on their experiences and learnings. It is always exciting to see how those who attend our certifications come out of them completely transformed and prepared to apply the methodology to the challenges that lie ahead. For me it has been a privilege to accompany this group of professionals during 4 intense days, in the 3 levels of the methodology. I hope you enjoy the video!
14 October, 2021

Creativity levels: personal and organizational

In times of pressure, the first thing we do is eliminate the imagination. Instead, we try to produce more, faster and reduce errors, a big mistake since this imagination is essential in times of crisis, such as the one we are currently experiencing due to COVID-19. In addition, because the environment is more changeable than ever, the skills that until very recently were essential for teams, have become obsolete, now requiring others more focused on creativity and innovation. Knowing the above, many questions arise: what is a creative person like? How do I get an innovative team? Or, how can I measure creativity? To answer these questions, and after years of reflecting on these issues, I designed a model that would allow me to measure and explain the level of creativity that each individual and each company possesses, aspects that no model has included until now. There are different ways…
1 October, 2021

Interview for the Último Vagón

On September 15th, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by «El Último Vagón», the CEEI Elche podcast. In this interview we reflect on creativity and innovation in the business field and the great importance of these in order to adapt to changing environments such as those we are having to live after the COVID crisis. Do you want to hear it? Click on the next button. Link to the interview

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