Creativity, Innovation and Genius in Enrédate 2014 (Elche)

I was fortunate to be able to close the event in Elche Enrédate 2014, making the presentation of “Think Like a Genius” future-oriented entrepreneurs, and how to create truly unique, creative and innovative organizations inspired by the teachings of the great geniuses of history .

After the event, which had over 400 participants, I have done a little interview on these topics with interesting questions like the Spaniards are creative? Why is it so difficult to innovate? What are the most important lessons that have left us geniuses?

You can see the summary below:

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Juan Prego
Juan Prego

Socio Director de Actitud Creativa, Creador del Creative.OS, el primer sistema operativo para gestionar la Creatividad e Innovación en las organizaciones. Fundador de "El Día de la Innovación". Autor de "Piensa como un Genio", asiduo conferenciante.

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