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The philosophy of Trying

The philosophy of Trying

Sometimes we find ourselves in a little bit of a conundrum with our clients.

They want to get to NEW results, but they do not always want to do things in a NEW way to get to them. So we often end up getting into a philosophical discussion with them.

Conversation tends to go something like:

– So what’s your plan?

– To try, learn and then send you a plan accordingly.

– But we are asking for a plan, not for an improvisation!

– That IS the way we design plans.

– I see, but we still need you to send a detailed plan before you start.

– Oh boy…

Can you tell what is the difference between these two approaches?

I cannot tell you how hard is to work in new ways with traditional companies, as ALL their processes are based in the old «Plan-centric» mentality.

Is your company ready to embrace Iteration as an organizational philosophy?


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